System of recessed and surface profiles, with internal circuits at 48V DC, used to assemble continuous structures.

The profiles are in extruded aluminum, electrostatically painted (liquid) in black, with 15mm useful width.

The recessed profiles are installed in plasterboard dropped ceiling or walls, trimless.

Mechanical connections at 90° in the same or different planes are possible for both versions, recessed or surface.

Mechanical connectors must be used together with SCKRS01FC accessory for joining electrical terminations.

This lighting system can be fitted with linear light fittings, fixed or adjustable, equipped with SMD or power LEDs, with adjustable mini projectors and decorative luminaires, as well as with other accessories for installation and electrical connection.

The light fittings from this system are mounted mechanically on the entire length of the profile by means of two self-returning buttons.

Range of applications General or local lighting in offices, reception areas, conference rooms or public working spaces.

Individual mounting or in continuous light structures.