Infinite Pro is the perfect solution to illuminate spaces that need high levels of comfort, offering lighting designed to improve the well-being of both people and companies, above all in offices or workspaces where lighting quality is essential. It combines two elements: structure and core. The collection, of exceptional modularity, allows you to choose between 4 possible installations, which are presented in 3 painted finishes and 2 of sound absorbing material, with one of the 9 possible light cores, which in turn have different powers, diffusers, lengths and versions of integrated and emergency connectivity. This collection’s great modularity enables it to offer linear lighting in any space without the need to include other luminaires that alter the lighting concept.

Structural Composition

It is a combination of two elements: A structure and module that can accommodate 9 possible light cores with specific characteristics to adapt to any project.

Light Emission

Mono | Double emission


Surface | Recessed | Pendant | Low voltage rail

Module: Maximum Control And Efficiency

Infinite Pro is made with polycarbonate lenses to maximise control and efficiency, with a CRI80. It also has a wide range of modules and lenses to suit all projects.

Opal (UGR < 22)

A general light module which, thanks to a highly uniform opal diffuser, achieves a consistent and comfortable effect.

Microprisma (UGR < 19)

Micro-prismatic light module. The use of a transparent micro-engraved solution provides extra efficiency and comfort as a whole. This version is included in the YellowDot Luminaire Certification Programme*.

Hexa- Cell (UGR < 10)

Thanks to the exclusive hexagonal micro-cell diffuser we can achieve exceptional comfort and a Dark Light effect with a UGR <10. Hexa – Cell is the ideal solution for work spaces that conform to the UNE 12464-1 standard.

90º Lens (UGR < 22)

90° lens manufactured in accordance with Zhaga standard. Lenses with optimum control, low glare and maximum precision.

Wall Washer Lens (UGR < 16)

Asymmetrical wall washer lens manufactured to Zhaga standard. Creates a highly consistent wall washer effect with no dark areas.

Oval Lens (UGR< 19)

Lens with oval distribution manufactured according to Zhaga standard Specifically designed for spaces that require a central distribution without lateral interference.

Batwing Lens (UGR < 22)

Asymmetrical Batwing effect lens manufactured to Zhaga standard. Ideal for linear distributions such as retail linear.


Integration of a three-phase rail for the installation of projectors.

Easy-Click System

It has an easy-click system which makes the assembly of the structure and core easy, and it can be done quickly and without tools.

Emergency Version

The emergency version of Infinite Pro includes the signalling LED in the same luminaire, making installation much easier and requiring no additional elements.

Infinite Pro Acoustic: Sound Absorbing Materials

Infinite Pro features versions made of sound-absorbing materials capable of damping the noise generated in different environments that can cause discomfort. Infinite Pro Acoustic comes in a single size with two pendant versions, one with a light core and

Tunable White

Infinite Pro offers dynamic white Tunable White versions that use a control system to regulate the temperature of the colour or simulate natural light.

Smart And Smart Compatible

MultiSensor accessory and the D4i management platform, the installation is equipped with the tool for maximum performance in terms of energy efficiency and occupation management. INFINITE PRO also has SMART Casambi versions for those environments where i

Smart Functionality – Space Management

D4i technology enables the monitoring of occupation, making it possible to maximise the efficiency of spaces, adapt and redistribute them according to the needs of each situation and make decisions based on people’s needs.

Yellow Dot

Some Infinite products are included in the YellowDot Luminaire Certification Programme, which certifies our luminaires for the use of indoor positioning technology.